I have the great benefit of working with abstraction almost 150 years removed from its appearance in Western art history. Because of this stretch of time, and the current state of pluralism in art, abstraction has had a chance to grow exponentially, change, and open up to a variety of possibilities for its appropriation. 

I am particularly interested in a vigorous investigation of formalism; as such, color, shape, line, and texture serve as the foundational elements of my process. These are valuable subjects to explore individually, but they constitute the vernacular I use to navigate the content of my work as a whole. 

My paintings explore ideas of both seen and unseen logic inherent within systems. More specifically I am focused on creating abstractions influenced by configurations of mechanical components and piping constructs. The tubes, connectors, conduits, fluids, and mechanisms referenced in the work appear to have, or be part of, multiple selves that create a complex network, but are ultimately self-contained.